Molly & Kris Karma Vineyards Chelan wedding was in August 2014. This was my first time that I’ve been to the Chelan area let alone photographing a wedding there. Kris is an amazing carpenter among his many other talents. For their engagement session he built a boat to featured in their photos….yes, he built a boat. For their wedding he built wood frames that featured photographs of their parents and grandparents’ weddings. They sent home their guests with home-brewed beer in growlers marked with initials.  It was an amazing night. My favorite moment was when Kris’ father read a letter on behalf of his grandmother who could not make it to the wedding – not a dry eye in the garden.

karma_Vineyards_chelan_wedding-0004.jpgKarma_Vineyards_Chelan_Wedding-0001Karma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0042Karma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0050Karma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0052Bride dress hanging in vineyard at Karma Vineyards Bride dress hanging at doorway at Karma VineyardsBride and Groom portrait in the vineyards at Karma VineyardsKarma_Cellars_Chelan_WeddingKarma_Vineyards_Chelan_Wedding-0009.jpgKarma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0032 Karma_Vineyards_Chelan_Wedding-0011.jpgBride and Groom portrait in the vineyards at Karma VineyardsBride and Groom portrait in the vineyards at Karma VineyardsKarma_Vineyards_Chelan_Wedding-0017.jpgKarma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0018.jpgWedding ring on grape vine in Karma Vineyards in Lake ChelanWedding ring on grapes in vineyards with a bee touching itKarma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0035Karma Vineyards wedding trollyKarma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0022.jpgKarma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0031Karma Vineyards wedding table setting and decoreKarma_Cellars_Chelan_Wedding-0036Karma Vineyards wedding table settingKarma Vineyards wedding table settingKarma_Vineyards_Chelan_Wedding-0025.jpg



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