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My Ultimate Wedding Tips and advice for the Perfect Day

So, you’re getting ready for your big wedding day! As someone who’s been behind the lens photographing countless weddings around Seattle and surrounding area since 2009, I’ve seen it all. From those heartwarming moments to the common hiccups couples face. Let me drop some real-talk wedding tips and advice to make your wedding day not just memorable, but stress-free too. All this comes from experiencing what works and what doesn’t. Some of these tips I wish I knew for my own wedding.

Happy Feet, Happy Couple:

Bride & Groom running in a field in Vashon Island

Photos of you while in pain is no bueno! Seriously, those Instagram-worthy expensive heels might be calling your name, but let’s talk real talk – comfort is queen. Your feet and wedding photographer will thank you for choosing something comfy and practical during the photos and dancing. Save the stilettos for the ceremony or bride and groom portraits; that’s where they belong! Same thing goes for the fellas – don’t break open those shiny shoes for the first time on the wedding morning. This all comes from personal experience on my own wedding day. I was in so much pain that I ditched my fancy loafers for a pair of suede sneakers bought at the mall earlier in the day.

Picture-Perfect Moments Await

Mother of the bride assisting bride with her wedding dress. This is another wedding advice and tip to do on the wedding day.

One piece of advice that I often find myself giving is to have the bride’s mom get ready before the bride. This might seem unconventional, but trust me, it works like magic. The moments when a mother helps her daughter put on the wedding dress are priceless. The anticipation, the shared laughter, and even the happy tears – these are the moments that make for stunning candid shots. So, let the mother-daughter bond shine through by capturing those genuine emotions before the bride takes center stage. Bonus tip: same goes for fathers, grandparents or other close family members that you’d like to photograph and share the big reveal.

Wedding Day Playbook

Bridal party toasting to champagne. This is a great wedding advice and tip to do on the wedding day.

Time is of the essence, my friends. Share that wedding day schedule with everyone – especially family and the bridal party. This so they know where they need to be and when. Especially when they’re on deck for family and bridal party photos. I highly recommend the bridesmaids to be made up before the bride so that everyone is looking their best for photos like the one above.

Social Media Pause, Please

Now, we all love sharing the joy, but hold the Insta-frenzy during the wedding, alright? Here’s the thing – maybe you and your partner are not fans of the whole world peeking into your wedding at all. Posting pics on social media during the big day can distract you from soaking in the magic, spoil the surprise for those who haven’t seen you yet, and, let’s be real, invite some unsolicited opinions. So, how about a little social media timeout during the wedding? Ask guests to not post to social media just yet. This way, you get to curate the narrative, and the judgedy-judges out in the ether of the interwebs can take a rain check. Your wedding, your terms, your sacred day.

Wedding Planner & Magician

Picture this: A stress-free zone where everything magically falls into place. That’s what a wedding planner does. They’re the wizards of the wedding world, handling the chaos while you enjoy your wedding. Trust me, invest in this magic. I have lots of referrals for wonderful wedding planners that work in the Seattle area.

Chill, Enjoy, and Soak it In

Bride and groom enjoying a moment during a wedding. Wedding advice and tip: slow down and savor the moment.

Blink, and the day races by. Amidst the hustle, don’t forget to take those little time-outs. Pause, breathe, and soak in the magic. Feel the presence of your loved ones, embrace the sounds that surround you, and breathe in the unique scent of your special day. Amidst the beautiful chaos, remember to be present and relish these moments – they’re the heartbeat of your beautiful day. Forget about the camera and immerse yourself in the joy, laughter, and love surrounding you. Authentic emotions are best captured when couples are genuinely enjoying and savoring every moment.

Aisle Stroll, Not Sprint

Bride and groom leaving the aisle after the ceremony with their dog.

Walking down the aisle with your freshly minted spouse is a dreamy moment, right? Now, here’s a little secret: for the sake of your photographer and savoring this momentous life event, let’s opt for a stroll, not a sprint. Picture this: slow, graceful steps, holding hands, stealing glances, looking around the audience witnessing this joyful moment. It’s not just about this moment in life; it’s about avoiding your clumsy photographer doing a tumble chasing you while running backwards. So, let’s take it easy, enjoy the stroll, and create a picture-perfect memory without any unexpected acrobatics. Your photographer will thank you and we’ll have a moment to cherish forever in real-time and in photos.

Break the Mold – Wear Your Style

Tradition is cool, but so is breaking the mold. White dress? Sure, it’s timeless. But if a suit, jumpsuit, or a burst of color is calling your name – go for it! Your day, your rules. And if you want to change into something wild for the party – why the heck not? You will impress everyone by being outside of the box.

Toss Tradition or Tweak It

Bride and Groom dancing to Silent Disco.

Bouquet and garter toss – or not. Don’t feel pressured by tradition. Tweak it or toss it aside. How about a dance-off, karaoke, silent disco, ring-warming, or a heartfelt toast instead? Make it uniquely yours. Give your bouquet to a parent or grandparent. Be weird. Be uniquely you. Your wedding, your rules!

Keep ‘Em Engaged

Activity for wedding guests is a great wedding advice and tip.

Spice up the party for your guests. Don’t let them get bored. Give them something to do. A photo booth, lawn games, or a DIY cocktail station? They’ll thank you for the entertainment. Happy guests, happy vibes.

Show Off that Cake & Desserts

Flower girls looking at delicious deserts. My wedding tip and advice to keep the desert table front and center.

Your cake or dessert deserves the spotlight. No hiding in a dark corner of the room. Let it stand proud, where everyone can admire its sugary goodness. Dessert deserves a moment too. The guests will be hyped with anticipation to enjoy those delicious treats you have in store for them. The pictures will turn out great, too.

Bonus Tips – Because Why Not? I’m full of unsolicited advice.

Sip, Don’t Chug:

Spoiler alert: drunk photos of people are not flattering. Just saying! The drinks are flowing, but moderation is key. Sip, don’t chug – ensures you stay present and avoid those embarrassing “remember that time” stories. Your dignity intact. Cheers!

Time and Space Realism:

Forget ideal scenarios – time is shorter, and space is more snug than you’d imagine. Add buffers, keep expectations real, and voila – the key to a seamless and delightful experience. Realism is your golden ticket.

So there you have it – my personal guide to rocking your wedding day. May it be as unique and fabulous as your love story! May these detailed tips guide you to a wedding day filled with joy, love, and unforgettable memories!

Take a peek at my wedding gallery for samplings of my work. I would be honored to have the opportunity to photograph your wedding day. You can contact me here for more information. My pricing for wedding photography can be found here. Also, be sure to check out my Wedding Guide.

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