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Couple embracing in mountain forest landscape at Gold Creek Pond in Washington State.

Engagement Location in the Pacific Northwest

If you are searching for a classic Pacific Northwest setting that features mountains and alpine lake as the backdrop for your engagement photos, then no look no further than Gold Creek Pond. Located in the middle of the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington, the natural beauty of the area, combined with its convenient location, makes it an ideal choice for you seeking a scenic backdrop for your engagement photos.

Let’s dive in more about Gold Creek Pond:

Why Choose Gold Creek Pond for Your Engagement Photos?

The secret is out! Gold Creek Pond has become wildly popular over the past few years because of Instagram and other social media postings. I’ve had couples from other parts of country who have come to Seattle just to take their engagement photos here. Wild!

On any given sunny weekend, the park is packed with families picnicking and strolling the surroundings. And of course, you will see many engagement, family, and maternity photo shoots going on. There are even elopement wedding ceremonies held here. Gold Creek Pond has become an outdoor photo studio for many Seattle area photographers.


Gold Creek Pond is conveniently located near Snoqualmie Pass, just an hour drive east from Downtown Seattle off the exit from I-90. Keep an eye out for potholes on the forest road leading to the parking lot. The parking lot itself fairly spacious with offering ample available parking (except perhaps on busy Saturday afternoons).


Gold Creek Pond is easily accessible from a short walk from the parking lot. A paved trail that circles the pond. There are also short natural trails that lead to the shores of the pond. There is also a natural jetty that take you to the middle of the pond.

Scenic Beauty

The scenic beauty of the area provides a stunning backdrop for photos, while the versatility of the landscape allows for a range of photo styles. The serene setting offers an intimate atmosphere for couples, and the seasonal beauty of the area adds to its charm.

I absolutely love the late afternoon light bouncing off the surrounding mountains, water, and trees. I’ve also photo

More Photography Options

If you’re looking for more photo location opportunities, a secret pathway to the west of the pond takes you to a riverfront that is also a fantastic photo spot.

Thing to consider when Choosing Gold Creek Pond for Your Engagement Photos

It gets busy!

Remember when I said that the secret is out? Yeah, it can get really crowded. Especially on sunny afternoons on the weekends during the summer and fall. We may have to wait for the others to move on from the spots that we’d want to shoot. It may disrupt the flow of the shoot. My recommendation is to schedule your shoot on a weekday if you’d want to avoid the crowds.

Popularity Factor

If you’re aiming for something less common and off the beaten path, Gold Creek Pond’s popularity may not align with your vision.

Road Closures

The side roads leading to Gold Creek Pond area typically closed during the winter months making it almost impossible to get to the park. I recommend checking trail reports on various hiking sites or Facebook Groups.

Recommendation for Engagement Photo Location

I highly recommend Gold Creek Pond! It offers a picturesque location for engagement photography. Its natural beauty, accessibility, and versatility make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a memorable and scenic backdrop for their photos.

Engagement Photos at Gold Creek Pond

Now, let’s take a glimpse into the magic of Gold Creek Pond through the lens of Kylie and Reed’s engagement photos. They’re such good human! I had the honor of photographing their wedding, too. On a spur of the moment decision, we also explored the tree stumps at Lake Keechelus for some epic scenic engagement photos.

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Couple embracing in mountain forest landscape at Gold Creek Pond in Washington State.

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