Photographing engagement sessions at Discovery Park in Seattle is always a treat! This place is like my own little photography studio, providing the perfect backdrop for capturing breathtaking scenery. Whether it’s photographing engagement, family, or senior sessions, Discovery Park never disappoints with its quintessential Pacific Northwest charm. I even ended up photographing an entire wedding party here because the bride and groom adored the place so much. It was a spontaneous decision on the way to their wedding venue that added a magical touch to their special day.

This park also holds a special spot in my heart, not just because I’m a photographer, but because I’m a regular visitor, too. Discovery Park is a go-to spot for personal celebrations. Kate and I have celebrated countless birthdays and wedding anniversaries here with picnics overlooking the park’s expansive views.

One of the best parts of visiting Discovery Park is bringing along our furry kiddos. Watching them frolic in the park’s open spaces brings us so much joy. The park’s natural beauty and wide trails provide the perfect playground for them to explore. Seeing the pure happiness on their faces as they take in the sights and sniffs of the park is truly heartwarming.

Reflecting on all the photo sessions and personal experiences I’ve had at Discovery Park, I’m constantly amazed by its charm and versatility. Whether I’m capturing sweet moments between couples, documenting family milestones, or simply soaking in the tranquility of nature, this park never fails to impress me. Each visit brings new discoveries and creates timeless memories. If you are looking for a perfect location for your engagement photos, look no further than Discovery Park! The warm evening light, the natural backdrop, and the expansive view are simply magical.

Enjoy these images from Brittany and Clayton’s spectacular rainbow-painted engagement session. Their wedding photos can also be viewed here.

If you are planning your own wedding in Seattle or the Pacific Northwest, I would be honored to be your photographer. Together, we can create a beautiful visual story that reflects your love and captures the essence of your wedding day. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m here to make sure those precious memories last forever.

If these images inspire you, let’s connect and chat about the magic you wish to create on your wedding day. You can contact me here for more information. My pricing for Seattle wedding photography can be found here.

Couple embracing in a grassy field at Discovery Park Seattle and a rainbow visible in the distance.




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